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Jaume Giné Daví

Born in Balaguer (Lleida) on September 19, 1948


Education and languages

  • Degree in Law from Barcelona University (1966-1971) obtaining the grade of Excellent. Doctorate courses (1972)
  • University Diploma in European Organisations (1970-1971) and Comparative Law (1972) from Strasbourg University (France)
  • Master’s degree in Foreign Trade from the EAE (Business School) (1981) and a University Diploma in Exporting/Importing from CEDEIN (1980)
  • Awarded a Scholarship by Strasbourg International Faculty for the Teaching of Comparative Law (1970-1972) and the United States Department of State (1993)
  • Catalan, Spanish, French and English

Current responsibilities (2010)

  • Associate Lecturer at the Law Faculty of ESADE (Ramón LLull University, Barcelona). Lecturer on  “Law and business in Asia” and in the Master’s Degree Course “International Business Law”
  • Secretary-General of Casa Asia Advisory Council

Professional experience

  • 2004-2009. Associate Lecturer on Foreign Trade at the Department of Applied Economics, Barcelona Autonomous University (UAB). Lecturer on Economic Transformation Processes in China, Korea and Japan, and Degree Course on Eastern Asia Studies, at UAB 
  • 2002-2005: Secretary-General of Casa Asia,
  • Exercising of executive functions aimed at promoting, developing and coordinating activities regarding knowledge and promotion of economic, academic and cultural relations between Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona and the Asian-Pacific countries, in particular China, Korea, Japan and India.
  • 1993-2002: Director of the International Cooperation, Generalitat de    Catalunya (Catalan Government),
  • Exercising of executive functions aimed at promoting relations bewteen Catalonia and America, the Asian-Pacific region and the Mediterranean region.  Director of Catalan Cooperative Policy for Development and responsible for relations with Catalan communities all over the world.
  • 1987-1993: Director-General of the entity for the Adaptation of Catalonia to the European Communities and Executive Director of the Catalan Pro-Europe Trust,  Department of the Presidency, Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Exercising of executive functions aimed at promoting relations between public administrations and civilian Catalan society and the EU.
  • 1984-1987: Adjunct Catalan Ombudsman
  • Elected to the position by the Parliament of Catalonia, exercising the duties of controlling the function of Catalan public administrations in their relations with citizens.
  • 1971-1984: Lecturer in International Public and Private Law  at the Faculty of Law,   Barcelona University (UB). Lecturer in International Public and Private Law at INEDE (now a part of the International University of Catalonia).

Most important achievements

  • Responsible for fostering, selecting and the executive management of human resources employed in setting up institutions created ex-novo: Catalan Ombudsman Office, Catalan Pro-European Trust, Catalan Development Aid and Casa Asia
  • Planning and management of activities with respect to knowledge and promotion of international relations with public administrations (at state, regional and local level) with Europe, Latin America, the Asian-Pacific region and the Mediterranean region.
  • Negotiation, drafting and application of conventions and agreements for collaboration and cooperation with international bodies -UNAP, ADB, EU, etc.-, and state, regional and local institutions.
  • Promotion and creation of Catalan Policy of Development Aid and Drafting of the Bill on Deveopment Aid which was unanimously passed by the Catalan Parliament.
  • Fostering and planning of official visits by the President of Generalitad de Catalunya to Latin America and Asia. Participation in a great many international, business and academic missions.
  • Organisation, management and participation in more than 250 scientific conferences, meetings and seminars or events on economic, commercial, events, aid, etc.  Director of the publication 'Revista d´Integració Europea' and of different collections of books, documents and studies on the EU. Author of a great many articles in different specialised publications.
  • Supervision and control over more than 300 programmes and projects for Development Aid.   On-site supervision of projects in Central and Latin America, the Balkans, the Caribbean, the Maghreb, Subsaharian Africa, Eastern Asia and Southern Asia.


  • Wide knowledge of international relations. Visits and obtaining of knowledge on the economic, social and cultural realities of 77 countries.  Expert in Eastern Asia, Latin America and Africa, due to his position as Director of Development Aid in  Generalitat de Catalunya and Secretary-General of Casa Asia.
  • Ability to communicate, negotiate and mediate. Broad knowledge of the cultural norms and codes of conduct favouring relations with interlocutors from Asia and other countries.
  • Experience in creating, managing and leading teams.  Great versatility.
  • Ability to communicate and speak at public acts and business meetings.
  • Experience in drafting reports, certifications and documents.
  • Wide network of contacts in Catalonia, Spain and international contacts in the institutional, business and academic fields.


  • Author and collaborator in different publications and specialised magazines, some of which are on Korea:
    • “Casa Ásia, el impulso de la dimensión asiática en la acción exterior” (Casa Asia, promoting the Asian dimension through foreign action”, Ambits magazine, Barcelona 2003
    • “Casa Ásia y el fomento de las relaciones con Ásia-Pacífico” (Casa Asia and the promotion of relations with the Asian-Pacific region)  ed. Gondo, Madrid 2003.
    • “las relaciones de amistad y cooperación entre Cataluña y Kionggi” (relations of friendship and cooperation between Catalonia and Gyionggi-do) in the book entitled “Corea, más alla de sus fronteras” (Korea, byond its frontiers): , ed. UAB,  Barcelona 2003
    • “Algunas consideraciones sobre la política y la economía de Corea en 2003” (Several considerations on Korean politics and economy) Ed. Verbum, Madrid 2004
    • “Aspectos políticos y jurídicos en Ásia Oriental, retos y perspectivas de futuro” (Political and legal aspects in Eastern Asia, future challenges and prospects)   Ed. UOC, Barcelona 2004

Barcelona, June 1st, 2007

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